Best practices for online campaigns

It is impossible to set a model of online campaigns as the best one because each of them fit in a certain situation and to reach a determined group.

To be able to give a proposal of an online campaign it is crucial to understand their types, when which one is suitable and what to expect of them. When a business decides to go online eventually it will work with all kinds of online advertising, and it is very important to know when to apply the correct technique.

Viral Marketing is a good solution when a business wants to expand quickly its presence online, being possible to enlarge its base of users by the interaction with customers and potential customers; It provides free exposure on social networks, blogs, and community sites. It is crucial to understand that the free exposure comes because the main idea on Viral Marketing is that the users share your content for free – because it is interesting to him. That is why content must be really interesting and relevant to a viral campaign to succeed.

To develop a viral marketing campaign the first step is analyzing the market and the competition. The brand must also have a nice website itself as it is going to be the ‘Business card’ of the company, and the first impression is really important. The definition of target audiences must be studied carefully because different social media and formats can be used to reach different kind of people. As the main objective of this kind of campaign is getting as many users as possible in a short period of time, monitoring the campaign results in real time to achieve the necessary adjustments is a relevant point, optimizing the final results.

SEO and SEM are already considered a strategy of online marketing. They are definitely activities that every business with a website should invest. SEO aims to improve the position of a website in search engines through various techniques, improving navigability and visitor experience, making it easier to the user to navigate through the website. Every website should have a SEO plan before being implemented. Being in a good position on search engines give the company a higher probability to convert a user into a consumer.

Blog Marketing is a trend that can be incorporated to an online strategy. They tend to be more dynamic and can be used for publishing the brand news: new products, new services, new customers. They also allow very good communication with clients own website and also help the business attracting new customers.

Ads in images, texts, videos and on social media are also suitable to most business. It is important to be aware that quantity will never be as effective as quality. So investing in good content will give a brand better chances of conversion.

Although pop-up ads are still being used in a lot of websites, it is a good idea to try to avoid using them. Most users consider this kind of advertising annoying and invasive and it goes against the main idea of online marketing that is being friendly and nice to users.

We can still categorized e-mail marketing as a kind of online advertising. E-mails are an important channel of communication of a business with its audience, being a tool of direct marketing. When it is well used – paying attention to the frequency of the e-mails, for example, it can contribute to the success of your business.

By using newsletters a company can share with its audience information about topics that might be of interesting, making the relationship between brand and consumer gets stronger. The most important step about e-mail marketing is trying to be as friendly as possible, giving the user solutions, news, articles and access to nice content media. It is also important to keep the costumer updated with new products and offers, but the e-mails should not have only the idea to sell, but to promote a brand in a different way, trying to avoid the first impression of spam. Some companies such as Amazon, already send their users personalized newsletters based on their last purchases and searches on the company’s website.


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