The Social Media Market in London

Market research is crucial before setting up your social media strategy.

So, for those working with clients based in London, and for the ones that are as in love with the city as I am, here I summarize some useful insights about the social media market in UK & London. Enjoy 😉



  • London is the Most Checked-in city in the world – So you should consider some kind of local-based social media! 
  • One Direction, Emma Watson and BBC Breaking are the 3 most popular London wordpress Twitter accounts
  • Social media addiction is recognised as a medical condition in the UK
  • LinkedIn gets more visits from London than anywhere else in the world.
  • Close to 50,000 London-hashtagged photos are shared everyday on Instagram.
  • London has more social media jobs than anywhere outside the US

With information from Social Media London & Social Safe

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